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J&O Studio offers professional sewing services in London and in the UK. In our shop, you can choose multiple different type of cloth or you can place an order for your own design and style.

London sewing services

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J&O Studio is London sewing services provider for 14 years. .We are working with well known fashion designers and individual Customers. Our Clients are: Laumprel, Poil, and others.

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Services we provide for fashion designers: J&O Studio offers sample-making and design development for designers and design students for their collections. J&O STUDIO IS LONDON-BASED HIGH-END FASHION SAMPLING AND PRODUCTION COMPANY

Pattern gutting

Let us help you to create patterns for your creative design. We do care about details and we can make it right,.

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Pattern grading

Do you want to grade patterns for several different sizes? No problem. We can do it for you. We do it for many years.

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Toiling & Fitting

If you would like to check your design first, we can offer toiling and fitting services. You can see it and you can change it.

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All what you need for Collection


Fabric Cutting

Do you need fabric cutting for identical sizes but you don't have tools for it? Let us do it for you. We are the best in this industry.

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Sample Production

Do you need help with your new collection? Do you need a sample unit or sample production? Call us today for a fee quote.

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Production run

Fashion week in London and every one too busy? We can give you help at the busiest time. We can offer full sewing and production run services.

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Home decoration and textile

Our extensive range of dressmaking services is the result of a number of years working with different fabrics and patterns.

Sewing & Alterations

Too long? Some parts of your cloth needs a restoration? We can do it for you. We can give a second life for your cloth and we can make it looking great again/

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Custom Curtains

So tired with an ordinary curtain's style? Or you couldn't find any good value and good quality curtains for your house? We can offer full design and production.

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Machine Repairs

Sewing machine fails or doesn't work as t should? We can fix it for you. Our specialist has many years of sewing machines repares and restaurations.

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