sewing machines repair

Sewing machine repairs & services

J&O Studio specialists has over 15 years’ experience in repairing industrial and domestic sewing machines. We have a vast knowledge in most industries from manufacturing lingerie to fabric ducting. We can say if it needs sewing then we can set your machine up correctly to do just that.

sewing machines repair

Sewing machines repair

These days, we understand that your machine is a vital part of your business. With the decline in the major textile industry within the UK, the skills of industrial sewing machinetechnicians have over the years slowing reduced and it is very difficult to find good engineers. At J&O Studio, we have highly-skilled engineers with a wealth of experience. With these engineers at our disposal, there is always someone on hand to help our customers with repairs and service calls.

sewing machines repair

Sewing machines services

Repairs can be carried out at your factory premises or you can bring your machinery to our fully fitted workshop where we have all the technical equipment to carry out the repairs. We carry most spare parts on the shelf but if we don’t have the part required, we can use one of our many European parts partners and, in most cases, get the parts shipped to us within 3-5 working days.

sewing machines repair

Reqular checks

Every machine requires regular checks to ensure it functions properly. At J&O Studio we provide quality solutions across London for sewing machines. We provide an excellent service to our customers. We can deal with most types of sewing machines. You can expect: Excellent sewing machine repairs and servicing, Quick and efficient service, Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Sewing accessories The reconditioning of sewing machines

sewing machines repair

Step 1

As you change projects and start sewing on different weight materials, you should test stitch on a piece of scrap material of the same weight before beginning the actual project so you can adjust your upper tension to that particular fabric. As an example, if you're changing from a denim type fabric to a silky fabric, you would definitely want to make sure the tension is correct and the stitching looks right before you start to sew the garment.

sewing machines repair

Step 2

To determine whether the upper tension is too tight or too loose for the fabric you're wanting to use, try the following test. Take a small scrap of the fabric, fold it, and stitch a line ON THE BIAS of the fabric, using different colours of thread in the bobbin and on top. Grasp the bias line of stitching between the thumb and the index finger.

sewing machines repair

Step 3

Space the hands about 3 inches apart and pull with an even, quick force until one thread breaks. If the broken thread is the colour of the thread in the needle, it means that the upper tension is too tight. If the broken thread is the colour of the bobbin thread, the upper tension is too loose. If both threads break together and take more force to break, it means that the tensions are balanced.

Parts - prices DO NOT include parts.

A service includes maintenance, internal cleaning, oiling and minor adjustments to optimize sewing performance and preserve the life of the machine. This is aimed at machines in working order that need preventative maintenance and adjustments. 

Repairs - Charged in excess of the prices shown above.

Out of guarantee repairs will be quoted for. This is aimed at broken machines, requiring major adjustments or parts. 

Other Repair Options

We are a certified warranty service centre for Janome, Brother, Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff and Juki. The option to return the machine back to the manufacturer may in some cases be available to the customer. As a rough guide the manufacturer’s charge will be 35% - 50% more than the prices shown above (depending on the manufacturer) plus carriage both ways. The machine must be packed in the original box including internal packaging.

Servicing Timescales

We operate on a queue basis and aim to have a turnaround of 7 days. This is a guide, and during busy times can be longer

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