J&O Studio was so proud to work with our lovely Client Malika. Laumprel is London based fashion label exhibiting unique style from the most creative and competitive capital of the fashion industry, designing and producing in the UK. Taking our inspiration from a wealth of global heritage in culture and arts, Laumprel offers eternal chic to what the modern woman represents today - independence, grace and fearlessness. The brand celebrates empowered women who are free spirited, strong and true to themselves. At the same time we recognise the need for every woman to have a romantic side, a secret. In our styles we mix romantic elements with clean strong lines achieving our unique style of what we like to call Mysterious Romance. Visit web site:

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J&O studio enjoyed to work with our Client Pouli to create a unique collection of high quality cloth from natural materials. Pouli is a small independent duo project, manufacturing their POULi in-house clothing in limited, hand-cut and sewn batches (in a small lovely studio in Kent, England), largely on a pre-order basis.Along with healthily manufactured in-house collections, Pouli offers great quality hand-picked vintage garments, accessories, and objects. Visit web site:

Ethical clothing and # vintageLifestyle label with responsibly created clothing line• warm minimal, timeless style, natural fabrics •handpicked Vintage accessories, wear & home
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Xenia Telunts

J&O studio enjoyed to work with our Client Xenia Telunts. Through her collections, Xenia Telunts explores aspects of sustainability including techniques of zero-waste pattern cutting, natural dyeing, up-cycling textiles and use of organic fabric. Her objective is to use minimal resources and the simplest of means to achieve long-lasting and high-quality results, as she believes clothing should not be created to satisfy short-term needs but that everything should be considered and designed carefully for the long term in the hope that what is made will last for generations. Visit Xenia's web site there: Or follow on instagam:
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Nata Zheleznova

J&O studio enjoyed to work with our Client
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J&O Studio

J&O Studio does own cloth design and bespoke tailoring for anyone. We produce cloth for children as well. Don't be disappointed by cloth style, color, missing of your size and etc. We can make it for you. Your own design, style, you can choose your own fabric. All cloth will be suitable for your body type. You don't have to be in perfect shape. J&O Studio specialist can help you to look great and stylish.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.
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